Goulds 3405 Split Case Pump Complete Overhaul

We specialize in Water and Wastewater Pumps, as well as Chemical Injection Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Vertical Turbine Pumps, Gear Pumps, and Diaphragm Pumps.How can we help you improve your reliability on your next overhaul?The Right Repair. On-Time. 100% Guaranteed. #Pumps#Repairs#Houston

Liberty Process Equipment

Liberty Process Equipment supplies several ranges of progressive cavity pumps for your application needs. We offer a wobble stator series, a standard series, a heavy-duty series, a hopper series, and a sanitary, quick disassembly, series. In addition, Liberty Process Equipment also offers a full range of engineered pumps and pump systems to meet extreme applications or for engineering contractor projects. …

Pump On Wheels

Completely mobile Aurora pump with electric motor and filter basket Delivered to one of our long time customers.Give us a call for all your pumping needs. Progressive Pumps. The Right Pump. The Right Repair. On Time. #Pumps#Houston#AuroraPump

Progressive Pumps Named Exclusive Magnatex Pumps Distributor in Greater Houston

Progressive Pumps Corporation September 23, 2020 Progressive Pumps (Spring, Texas) was recently named as the exclusive Magnatex Pump distributor for the greater Houston area. Magnatex is most known for its heavy-duty, state of the art, sealless, magnetic drive, stainless steel and alloy pump. Founded in 1985, Magnatex pumps has tens of thousands of magnetic drive pumps installed in thousands of …

National Pumps

National Pump is a leading solutions provider of highly efficient vertical and submersible turbine pumps to the industrial/commercial market able to meet the innovative demands of the power, mining, snowmaking, pulp, and paper and commercial industries. Our value proposition is comprised of providing the industry with both quick ship and engineered product solutions to meet the evolving requirements of our …

Lube Oil Pump – In Critical Service

HOT HOT HOT! Not only is it hot outside, we have some hot pumps inside also.3-day overhaul on a lube oil pump for a gearbox in critical service.Progressive Pumps. The Right Repair. On-Time. 100% Guaranteed.

Abaque Peristaltic Hose Pumps

With more than 20 years of experience pumping and transferring difficult chemicals and fluids, the Abaque Peristaltic Hose pump will handle your toughest pumping needs — from abrasive and aggressive to shear-sensitive and viscous fluids.Abaque pumps currently operate in some of the most demanding environments including mining, water, and wastewater treatment, energy, chemical processing, and OEM applications.ABAQUE Peristaltic Hose Pumps …

Progressive Pump Repairs

We work on all different types of equipment here at Progressive Pumps.Centrifugals, Positive Displacement, Vertical Turbines, Submersibles, Chemical Injection Pumps, Air Operated Diaphragms, etc.The above is a diesel driven self-priming centrifugal utilized for dewatering. We performed the service on the Engine as well as the pump!Give us a call to see if we can help you with the service of …

Peerless Vertical Turbine Pump

This powerful, Peerless vertical turbine pump has a huge flow rate of 6500 gpm. Please call Progressive Pumps at 281-350-5757 for your pump and pump repair needs.

Overhauled Peerless Pit Pump

Despite what is happening in the market, we are very busy at Progressive Pumps.Below is a picture of an overhauled Peerless Pit Pump that was completed and shipped back to a plant in Mt Belvieu this morning.Give us a call to see how we can help you with your equipment needs.Progressive Pumps. The Right Pump Repair, On-Time, 100% Guaranteed.

Graco Hydra-Clean Pressure Washer

Progressive Pumps is a proud distributor of Graco pumps and equipment. One of the exceptional Graco products we carry is the Hydra-Clean pressure washer! If you want to clean up your facility the quick, easy and efficient way, then give the Graco Hydra-Clean pressure washer a try! Designed with Graco’s NXT air motor, it’s ideal for industrial and sanitary applications …

Progressive Pumps creates the Repair Tracker™

Progressive Pumps has created our proprietary Repair Tracker™. As a repair customer of Progressive Pumps, you will have access to your Repair Tracker™ folder indefinitely to make it easier for anyone in your department or organization to keep up with the status of your repair. This will also assist in scheduling regular maintenance on your pumps to prevent a costly …

Helping to bust hunger in Houston

The team at Progressive Pumps went “Office Space” and had fun busting up old computers for a good cause! For every piece of equipment smashed, we made a donation to The Houston Food Bank! If you would like to make a donation as well, please click the link and then the donate button on the top right corner of the …

Inside sales team ready to assist you!

Whether you need a new pump or need one repaired, Progressive Pumps is ready to offer you a solution! Pictured are a few members of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales team: Art Jurado (Inside Sales, ajurado@progressivepumps.com), Edward Garcia (Inside Sales, egarcia@progressivepumps.com), and Eric Solis (Inside Sales Manager, esolis@progressivepumps.com).

Overhauling 14 flood damaged skids

This was a complete overhaul of 14 pump skids damaged during Hurricane Harvey. Progressive Pumps Corp. inspected the damage and provided a comprehensive quotation including replacement of control panels and motors. The skids were media blasted and powder-coated to match their color spec. New control panels and explosion-proof motors were installed. These pumps were overhauled, painted, aligned on the baseplate …