Pump Repair

The March mag drive pump is a pretty tough pump, but as with any equipment, problems can develop. If you get a good March pump repair specialist to fix it right the first time, you can avoid having the same problem repeatedly until your equipment is finally repaired as it should be.

Whether your pump is seizing up, has developed a flow rate issue, or just needs preventative maintenance to keep it running reliably, Progressive Pumps is here to help. We are experienced in repairing March magnetic drive pumps and, with our decades of experience, can repair almost any type of pump.

You will find that our customers get a quick evaluation, quality repair service, and excellent custom service. And you will appreciate that we stand behind every repair with a 100% guarantee. Contact us now to get “The Right Repair. On Time.”™

Pump Repair Specialist

Reed Huthmacher
832.823.3522 (Mobile)
281.350.5757 (Office)

Our Promise

The Right Pump. The Right Repair. On Time.™

Our focus is to specify the right pump for your application, provide the solution on time, and stand behind what we sell.

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