Pump Repair

If you are encountering problems with your Griswold centrifugal pump during startup or operation, contact Progressive Pumps. Our centrifugal pump repair specialists understand the importance of a reliable working pump and will provide “The Right Repair. On Time.”™

Get the Right Centrifugal Pump Repair Services

Whether your pump is not producing the rated flow, has excessive vibration, leaking seals, or it will not work at all, you want a professional who understands pump performance and is an expert at repairs. You need a knowledgeable specialist who can quickly narrow the possibilities and identify any issues in the system as well as the pump itself. Is your problem due to normal wear and tear, or is it because of cavitation? You do not want to simply replace a damaged pump housing if cavitation, a common problem with centrifugal pumps, caused the damage and will likely do so again until other changes are made.

Progressive Pumps, the Houston area’s leading centrifugal pump repair specialist, is experienced at repairing Griswold pumps. We also provide custom system installations, and understand how those systems should work. Contact us now to get the solution you need.

Pump Repair Specialist

Reed Huthmacher
832.823.3522 (Mobile)
281.350.5757 (Office)

Our Promise

The Right Pump. The Right Repair. On Time.™

Our focus is to specify the right pump for your application, provide the solution on time, and stand behind what we sell.

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